Easy ways to get your garden ready for summer… and, at the same time, increase the value of your home!

Longer nights and warmer days are here, and as we’re all thinking of spending more time outdoors, how is your garden looking?

Ahh, summertime in the garden. Relaxing in the sunshine and basking in the glory of your spruced up garden. Is there anything better? Now is the ideal time to plan both garden and home renovations. 

Getting the garden dressed to impress is also a big part of selling your home. You want the first impressions to fill the buyer with joy, not dread. Particularly at a time when more and more people are looking for outdoor space, taking the time to get your garden in shape could really give you an advantage over other sellers – and even boost asking prices.

Spruce up what you already have

One of the most straightforward ways to get your garden ready for summer is by making sure it’s in good condition. Before planning any bigger projects, take time to ensure any smaller repairs are sorted. Also, the simple things like weeding, mowing the lawn, checking fences for damage, cutting back bushes, and power-washing patios and driveways are all great ways of making sure your garden is a nicer place to be when the better weather arrives.

Consider planting a herb garden

Growing your own produce is a great way of making your garden feel more like home, living more sustainably and livening up your cooking and cocktails. You only need to dedicate a small corner of your garden to growing herbs, like mint, basil and parsley, but the fresh aromas can help enhance your mood and any food and drink you’re planning to enjoy al fresco. If you prefer, a collection of different sized pots filled with herbs can look lovely on the corner of a patio.

Make the most of the weather by adding more light

Adding more lighting to your garden is a great way to maximise the time you can spend outside and create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Consider hanging fairy lights and installing solar panel lights to brighten up your garden to extend BBQs and get-togethers once the sun has gone down.  These are relatively economical to install and add magic to any space.

Get some shade

‘I like it hot, but this is too hot…’ We’ve all heard someone say it, and at times it can get a little too hot. Even in the UK. This is why you should add some shade to your garden, whether it’s with a parasol, gazebo, or by fitting an awning. 

If you can’t get enough of plants, why not try a pergola? This will take a little more time to develop than popping up a parasol, but combining a pergola with some climbing plants is a great way of adding some shade to your garden. Adding a pergola to your garden can also benefit your outdoor dining experiences too. Just imagine sitting under a beautiful climbing plant getting some shade on a warm day while you enjoy a bite to eat or something to drink. 

Add some colour with plants and pots

Summer’s a bright and light time of year, so make sure your garden reflects this. Wash and perhaps paint plant pots, use scatter cushions on outdoor furniture and get some bright flowers planted. If you have limited space, consider growing sunflowers – what they lack in width they more than make up for in height.

Geraniums, begonias, busy-lizzies, lobelia and daylilies are all low-maintenance plants that offer a high return in colour and vibrancy – perfect for summer. Having a garden in full bloom is also a sure-fire way to impress anyone taking a tour of your home, so adding a few of these plants should be on your to-do list. 

Paint it dark

While brightening up the place with beautiful plants, consider painting fences and sheds dark brown, green, grey or black to ensure they don’t stand out. By doing this, you’re helping the things you don’t want to draw attention to stay in the background – so your plants can take centre stage. 

Use old furniture

Housing your plants in the same generic plant pot can get boring, so why not change things up and revitalise old furniture. Why not transform an old sink into a planter or give a tired coffee table or ladder a fresh lick of paint and a new lease of life?

Welcome wildlife

A great summer project, particularly if you have children, could be to entice more wildlife into your garden. You could install birdhouses, feeders or tables to encourage the local birds to come and visit, or how about digging gaps in the bottom of fences to allow hedgehogs to stop by on their travels?  There are plenty of templates online to help you build insect ‘hotels’, using scraps of wood etc, these will provide hours of fun, watching which creatures take advantage of your labours!

What’s next? 

Before getting green-fingered, consider whether you want your garden to follow a specific theme or colour. You may prefer a structured garden, or you may prefer more of a ‘natural’ garden – it’s worth looking at magazines or online images, or even visiting local gardens, such as those owned by the National Trust to see what you prefer.

Another benefit to getting green-fingered and completing garden work is that it can increase how much your home’s worth.  So, even if you’re not able to take a vacation this year, you will be able to enjoy relaxing in your garden, happy in the knowledge you could have added some extra digits to your property’s value!

Considering selling your home?

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